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Oh yes, I forgot. You obviously know more than I do. Have a nice time.

An acquaintance of mine called me about an hour ago. He was wondering if I was interested in purchasing his friends Laptop. Now I am quite a collector of computers; However, I am not a rich man. I told him I didn't have too much money. I asked him about how much the guy was looking to sell it for. He said around $300. I told him I only had about $100 that I could spend. He told me his friend may still be interested. He says to me "It's a brand new laptop, and it's really good". So I'm picturing something above 2 GHz. Maybe 512 Megs of ram. At least a 16 Meg video card. So I told him I would wait for his call. After about an hour passes and he still hasn't called so I called him. He says "Oh we're taking it to a pawn shop, we will get more money for it there" (I sincerely doubt that, it's a pawn shop. Not a computer store) as I told him I doubted they would get much more than I offered he gave me a cocky attitude, as if I was the one trying to rip HIM off. Keep in mind this person only calls me when he needs something or is looking to sell something. He says "Yeah, it's a great pc. It's a 1.2 GHz Celeron with 256 Megs of SD-RAM." I was about to laugh myself to death. Anyone who refers to a CELERON 1.2 as being good deserves to be shot multiple times in the face with a 12 gauge. I would rather have an 800 MHz genuine Pentium 3 over a fucking 1.2 Celeron. The thing still has SD-RAM and it's only 256. He didn't even get into the other specs but this pc is definitely not new considering they're above the 3 GHz mark. The standard amount of ram to have today is 512 Megs. This machine only has HALF of that. But that's right. So during the conversation I say "That's not a very good pc" And this person who knows very little about computers has the audacity to tell ME that it IS good. I dislike it very much when someone who is computer illiterate has the balls to TELL me something about computers. I'll tell you what, keep that attitude. It's going to take you very far in life. And if you want to live in a fantasy world and believe that the computer is good... go for it. That's the way most of America is these days. Welcome to the majority of the population. And yes, I took offense to the fact that he wasn't even going to call me back and tell me his friend wasn't interested. It shows good businessman ship on your part. It also shows your integrity. He should have at least called me to tell me his friend wasn't interested. The most horrible thing you can do to me is waste my time.

The lesson of this story is:

#1. Don't waste my time.

#2. If you're not very good with computers don't tell someone who spends most of their life dealing with them what is correct and wrong about them.

As I was just about to submit this the person gave me a call. "Hey, the pawn shop wouldn't take the pc" “It was because he doesn’t have the power cord or the recovery c.d.’s” "Are you still interested in buying it?" Me = "No" Him = "You're not?" Me = "No" Him = "Alright" "Bye" *Click*. He didn't even give me a chance to say goodbye. I don’t think this person owned the laptop.

#1. They’re trying to sell it really fast.

#2. The battery is charged YET they don’t have the power cord. That’s an interesting fact isn’t it?

Now... Who was right? Hmm, let’s see... I love myself.
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