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Boredom and its repercussions

So I was at Wal-Mart and I had a fun conversation with the girl who works behind the gun counter. First she asked my friends and I if any of us needed help and we all responded with "No". After I look for a second I realize what section we're in. Now... guns are great for playing with people. Just out of curiosity I ask her if there is a waiting period on the guns. She said there isn't one but there is a background check that she could do right then and there. After that I asked if there was one for the pellet guns. She responded with "No". At this point I say "Well... I can't afford any of these weapons" "They're really expensive", "I'll just use a baseball bat". As I said this I used my great power of being able to keep a straight face. I give her a serious look and walk away. The whole time my friends and I are walking through the store she was watching me. I don’t know if my friends heard me say what I said. I only know the one girl who I had just met did. I’m glad she didn’t call security.

As I was coming home I my car I noticed someone tailgating me. I was bored and trying to kill time so I slowed my vehicle much below the speed limit. When a car finally pulled up in the other lane I stayed parallel to it so the tailgater could not pass. I could tell it was making the driver very angry. Soon we came to a light and I see its two very large teenage males. As I pull past the light they get behind me... odd, right? Not really. As I approached my house I noticed they were still following me. After I noticed this I decided it would be a bad idea for me to stop in front of my house. #1 they’ll know where I live and might do something to my vehicle later and #2 the slim chance they may jump me. Now I know #2 is stupid to worry about; however, #1 is the one that had me worrying. I was bored anyway so I pull through my section and get onto Brownsville. So now I'm really fucking with these guys. I'm slowing down and speeding up in very odd intervals. As I approached the trailer park they must have said "Eh, fuck it" and they turned off into some section and turned around. As I notice this I pull into the development across from the school and turn around. As I did that I made it home without any worries.

I really need to find something better to do with myself other than fucking with people when I’m bored. I’m really good at it but it’s eventually going to get me sent to the hospital… or killed. Either one would be funny but it wouldn’t be fun for me. Now that summer is here and I’m done with college until next semester I’m sure I’ll have plenty of things to write about.

There was really no moral or point to this story so… shut up.
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