HaveAnAenima (haveanaenima) wrote,

What’s with Stores today?

I woke up today with the intent of purchasing new black boots. I woke up, I showered, I went to the bank and I cashed my checks and I proceeded to go shopping. Convincing myself to go shopping alone is hard enough let alone what I was about to go through today. I first went to Dick’s sporting goods. They had one pair of black boots. The boots were too high and incredibly ugly so I didn’t pick them up. As I walked out I figured they just didn’t carry many boots. I was close to the mall so I drove to it with the mentality of “It’s the mall, they have about 6 shoe stores that only sell shoes, and they’ll definitely have a pair I like somewhere”. I spent an hour at the mall touring every shoe store. To my surprise I only found one pair of black boots out of every store. In all six stores I found ONE PAIR OF BLACK BOOTS?!?!?!?! How is this possible? Do people not wear black work boots anymore? I guess they’re not fashionable to all the morons in the world so everyone stopped selling them. I don’t understand fashion today. People expect me to wear bright white boots? Are you a moron? People wear boots for work. If I wore white boots to work they would be incredibly stained after the first day of work. I guess my money isn’t good enough to stock black work boots. Who wears boots to work anymore, right? Oh wait; everyone must wear bright white boots. I see, so I’m supposed to break down and spend $100 on a pair of boots that I think are ugly and will be corroded much to fast. Out of every place I went I finally wound up 3 minutes from the mall at a store called “Work’in gear”. They had a small section of work boots with a few black pairs. I browsed them for a second and I laid eyes on an incredibly stunning pair of Timberlands. These boots are great; however, I don’t understand why I had to go to a specialty work store to pick up a pair of black fucking boots. (I needed to add the “fucking”, it just fits so well to the way I am feeling about this situation)

I was also bothered by the fact that all the shoe stores I walked into were playing rap, as though everyone that’s interested in purchasing a pair of sneakers obviously enjoys rap. Why play something neutral like classical music? No need to please everyone; we only carry shoes for “thugs” yo. Exactly, it’s perfect. Let’s turn everyone into the same mindless person so that the world lives in complete stupidity and harmony. Molding everyone into the same person is going to help our society, right? I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be a pimp? I really hate the fashion and mentality that people have today. I wish people would wake up and realize they’re being controlled. A few years ago every shoe department in the mall carried black boots, why not now? Why must we change each other? People just don’t realize they’re being molded into cattle for corporations to sell products to. You’re being controlled. I am even being controlled in a few aspects, though; I am being controlled much less than the average person. I hope everyone reads this with an open mind and tries to see the unintelligent mentality people have today. Realize you’re being controlled.

The moral to this entry is: Fashion today runs our lives, don’t be controlled by corporations.
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