HaveAnAenima (haveanaenima) wrote,

Korn’s new c.d., is it worth your time?

Over the week I have… “Obtained” the new Korn c.d. “Take a look in the mirror”. Now the big question, is it worth your time? That’s hard to say for everyone; however, in my opinion I believe it is worth your time. The c.d. sounds more like their older albums as opposed to the new type of music you heard in “Issues” and “untouchables”. I don’t even have “Untouchables” because I disliked it so much. The song titled “Play me” features the rapper “Nas” which gets on my nerves a little. I didn’t obtain this c.d. to hear Nas rap. If I want to hear rap I’ll go and get some. I’m not saying anything bad about rap, I’m just saying it’s not my taste and I don’t want to hear it on my Korn c.d., I obtained this c.d. to hear really hard rock type music. The hit song on this c.d. would have to be “Y’All want a single”. The song is somewhat repetitive; however, it is incredibly catchy none-the-less. While I was over my friend’s house he was in the middle of taking a shower and while I was waiting I watched a few music videos on his pc and this takes us to our next issue that of which confuses me.

As I watched the video for Korn’s not such a single “Y’All want a single” I noticed a few things. It is a cool video and different from Korn’s usual taste in what they want for their videos. It takes place in a music store which resembles F.Y.E. and they basically just trash the place with all of the customers in the store. As they are doing so words flash across the screen giving you facts about the music industry which make the music industry look bad. It is a really neat video, all besides the one part where it flashes “Steal this video” across the screen. This bothers me for one reason on their new c.d. they have a hidden track at the end. The hidden track features Metallica. Do any of you see the irony in this? Korn is telling us to steal some of their music; however, the people on their hidden track have been suing people for stealing any of their material, for their own personal listening use. Has this confused anyone yet? So if Korn hates the music industry to the point that of which they want us to steal their music then why are they teaming up with a band like Metallica. The fact that they even associate with Metallica makes me weary of stealing anything Korn related. Not only has Napster been screwed over many single fans have been screwed as well just for enjoying the music of their favorite band. I though this little point was interesting. Feel free to comment on this strange situation.

Now to end my little evaluation of Korn’s latest endeavor, I feel the c.d. is definitely worth your time to listen to. (And that’s a lot coming from me) I think all of you should “Obtain” this c.d. in some form. If you would like to “listen to it permanently” send me an IM and I’ll help you to “obtain” a c.d. of your own. If you have heard the c.d. and have your own opinion then leave a comment or two. Thank you for your time.
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