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It’s a doorway, not an area for social gathering.

Anyone who goes to any form of school which has teenagers and people in their 20’s as the main part of the student body has probably noticed that these people do not understand what a doorway is. Either you noticed that, or you’re one of the idiots who don’t understand this concept. I feel it’s rather simple, if the door is open you use it as a port for entering or exiting a room. “door•way n. The entranceway to a room, building, or passage.” (As defined by www.dictionary.com) Now what is an entrance? “en•trance1 n. 1. The act or an instance of entering. 2. A means or point by which to enter.” (As defined by www.dictionary.com).

Ok, so a doorway is “an entranceway that you move through to enter a room” this will be our common definition. So if this is what a doorway is for, then why do people not understand that you shouldn’t stand in front of them while classes are moving? Or stand in front of them at all for that matter. How ignorant are these people? “I need to smoke so I’m going to stand right in front of the door to do it”. These people are ignorant, rude and unintelligent. They can’t stand a few feet away so that the doorway is open, that’s too much work. Let’s stand right in front of the door. All the “cool” people are doing it. I just want to kick anyone standing in the middle of a doorway right in the nuts. I don’t take that crap, I shove the people out of the way. If they want to stand right in the center of the highest traffic area then what should they expect? Do they want me to go “Well shit, they’re in front of the door, I guess I’ll just wait until they move and be late for my class because they’re stupid.”? No, that’s an illogical end. I just push those fuckers. The people I push actually find it necessary to give me a dirty look. They’re the ignorant ones but I’m the asshole for needing to get to my class right? Of course, I’m wrong for moving through the doorway. Hey maybe if I asked them if I could join them they would move over and give me a spot to stand in (at which point I would use the opening to walk through). Maybe if I was handing out free cigarettes in the courtyard they would all flock there and get out of my way? I should try it sometime, it might be fun. I’ll tape the whole event.

I thought this crap would have stopped in high school but I was wrong. It’s only worse now that people can smoke on school property. Now I get to be stuck outside from idiots blocking the doorway but also I get to suffocate on all of the second hand smoke because everyone must be balled into one small area in front of the building even though our campus is huge. Hey… terrorists… idea for a COUGH target COUGH. So many people in one area… Anyway, next subject before I get myself into trouble.

Let’s go back to high school and let’s talk about narrow hallways and people who don’t understand that traffic flows both ways. Have you ever noticed the people who MUST walk in a group and they just NEED to be side by side and take up the entire length of the hall way? Have you seen this? You must have, either that or you were a part of it. The sick thing is if you needed to get by going the other direction they actually gave you a dirty look and let out a sigh because they had to move. To this I say “What the fuck?” How completely rude can you be? Every time some stuck-up bitch did that to me I just wanted to drop kick her right in the temple and then spit on her “stylish” clothing. I refrained due to respect for my fellow man (which these people obviously lack) and the fact that I would have gotten into a lot of trouble. Though high school was a few years back I still remember these instances because they really bothered me.

The moral to this is: GET OUT OF THE WAY DIP SHIT!
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