HaveAnAenima (haveanaenima) wrote,

More idiotic questions straight from the idiots themselves.

It’s been a while since I have updated and I am sure now that I have waited so long to update that I will have many things to write about. I had a few set backs happen in my personal life that has taken most of my free time. I have some free time now though, so here we are.

The first thing on my mind is some of the things I had happen last night. I was doing the bananas (as usual) when an old lady comes up to me to ask me where the bags are. (For putting the produce in and such) because she saw two of the dispensers were empty. Two feet behind her was… guess what, A full dispenser! YAY, you’re official a moron. Literally two minutes after the old woman another “huge” woman came up to me and rudely says “Why are all these dispensers empty?” The first thing I noticed was the question she was trying to ask was wrong. “Why are all these dispensers empty?” because they ran out. Other people use them as well you know. What she obviously wanted to ask was “Why has no one filled these dispensers back up?” but she’s not bright enough to ask the correct question let alone say it in a tone of voice that doesn’t make it seem like she is implying it’s MY fault they’re empty. When she first asked me, “Why are all these dispensers empty?” I almost said “The bags knew you were coming so they packed their shit and ran away as fast as they could.” but I would have gotten fired and… I need money. I just replied to her “I don’t know, it’s not my job to fill the bags.” and she walked away. I really dislike people like that. There are 25 dispensers in produce alone. About 4 were empty… walk the extra three feet to the next one and grab a bag; In fact, walk to the furthest one… you need the walk.

The next thing that happened, a man that looked to be 60 maybe (I’m not sure) came up to me and said “What, you don’t have any loose tomatoes?” He also said this wrong. He should have asked “Do you carry loose tomatoes?” NOT “What, you don’t have any loose tomatoes?” I watched him walk up to me before he “asked” me his question. Guess what, the moron walked RIGHT PAST THEM. He has the nerve to walk right by them, not even look around, and then ask me a question in an incredibly rude way. As I keep my thoughts to myself as I point to the table and say “They’re right over there.” As he walks toward them the idiot actually walks right by them… then in front of them… then turns around and keeps looking. HE COULDN’T FIND THEM!!! I was about to begin laughing as hard as I could but I held myself back. I walked up to him, pointed down to the table and said “They’re right there, sir.” He looked at me with an embarrassed face and said “Oh… umm, thanks… ….” As I walked away I couldn’t help myself but begin to laugh. I only had one word in my head at the time “Owned”.

Lastly as I was taking down the salad bar and actually putting the salad and such on the carts to take them in the back as couple in their 40’s (I’m guessing again, but it gives a relative idea) came up to me. The woman opens her mouth and actually says “Is the salad bar closed?” I almost said “No we’re just putting everything in the back for the night, it’s not closed though.” I refrained again due to the need of money. I reply to her “Yes, It’s closed”. She turns away and then turns back and actually says “Can I get some anyway, it will just take a second”. I almost busted out laughing. The salad bar closes at 9:00. I even waited till 9:12 to begin pulling it just so all the last second morons could get their salad. She actually asked me if she could get some. This lady wanted to hold me up from getting out of work on time so… she could have a salad. That’s not right. I feel she is a sick woman. I reply to her “No, I already pulled the utensils so there is no way to get it out of the case without using your hand.” As she gives me a disgusted look she walks away chatting quietly with her husband. At this point all I can think of is “Owned again”. I was doing well with the customers last night.

The ending point to the entry should prove that there is such a thing as a stupid question. If you can answer your own question, DON’T ASK. If you lack that much common sense then you do not deserve to be able to walk around freely; simply because you’re a danger to yourself and others around you.
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