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10 Reasons why Texas Chainsaw Massacre rules.

On Halloween at 11:40 Myself and a two other friends went to see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I believed this movie was going to be very poorly done and below my needs in a movie. I was horribly wrong. To my surprise the movie was excellent. I am going to list Ten reasons this movie "Kicked ass" and why everyone should go to see it.

10. Coming in at number Ten is the main character. Jessica Biel (Erin in the film) She is incredibly beautiful. I never thought I would like a girl like herself but I was wrong about that as well. (Though that is a personal topic which I do not wish to get into) She was actually a very good actress. I really liked the way she played her role. They picked a very good actress for the part and that is why this is number ten on my list.

9. In the movie (Do not read this number if you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know a small part) At one part a girl picks up a gun and shoots it through her open mouth out of the back of her head. You see everything come out. After that the camera semi-slowly pans THROUGH the bullet hole and out the back of the window of the van. This was great. I had always wanted to see a scene like that in a movie and I hadn't seen it done so well before this movie. This was a great scene for me and I believe others have enjoy it too and this is why I am making this number nine on my list.

8. The setting for a movie is definitely a big part of how the movie is presented to the audience. If the setting does not match the movie then it will make the movie less believable. The environments in this movie were incredibly creepy, I loved every minute of it. The areas were also very huge, much work must have went into selecting these areas and creating the look they has in the movie. The lighting was great. Lighting is a big part in a horror movie. Light can make a normal person look terrifying. The environments were perfect for this movie and that is why they are number eight on my list.

7. The ending was awesome. I wish I could go back and have the surprise again. I really liked the ending. I don't want to give anything away but trust me the ending was amazing. Great endings always make for a good movie and that's why it is number 7 on my list.

6. This movie was great for making people suddenly jump. I have never been in a movie that made more people jump at certain scenes. They planned them so well and at perfect points away from each other to get that ultimate surprise and make you go "AHH". I didn't jump unfortunately, but everyone else did and I really enjoyed that. When a movie makes you jump more than three times you know you just saw an excellent movie. The sound helped... But I am going to talk about that later. Sudden jumps make this number six on my list.

5. The acting is number five on my list because it was actually GOOD. I didn't think it was possible but it really was. I was shocked. A new horror movie with GOOD acting? That posible fact illuded me before this movie. This movie broke many borders with the acting in it. Most horror movies have poor "cheesy" acting. Good acting helps the movie greatly and that's why it is number five on my list.

4. The violence and makeup in the movie are excellent. There is no stupid C.G.I. violence. It is all real makeup that looks incredibly real, probably because it actually exists. When someone lost a limb... it actually looked like they lost a limb. When someone got stabbed, it looked like they were just stabbed. People hanging from hooks and laying in blood, and it looked incredibly real. When someone was bleeding it looked like they were bleeding. The body parts and gore in the movie were incredibly realistic. Realistic visuals are one of the best parts of a good horror movie and that's why they are number four on my list.

3. The music and sound effects were one of the best parts of this movie. When something made you jump it was usually mostly due to the horrific sound effects and music. The music and sound matched everything perfectly. The eerie sound that was always being produced would give you a spooky feeling and them BAM something comes and finished the scaring job. The sound and music were excellent and done perfectly for the movie as it should be in all movies and that is why this is number three on my list.

2. Number two on the list of course is R. LEE Ermey. If anyone of you have seen Full Metal Jacket or Mail call then you know who I am speaking of. He is the host of the show "Mail call" and he was also the insane drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. That's right, the guy from Full Metal Jacket is in the movie and he kicks ass through the whole movie. He has a leading role and plays the part as perfectly as only someone like himself can. If you see the movie for ANY reason then go to see it just for him. His comedy in the movie is great as usual and his acting is amazing as you would expect. This man made half the movie for me. He should be in every movie. Ermey is "The man" and that is why he is number 2 on my list.

1. And the number one reason to see the movie is of course TO SEE LEATHER FACE CUT PEOPLE UP. If you see this movie and don’t care about that fact then GO AWAY. This is what the movie is about, the mindless violence and The Massacre. Leatherface is the man and should be honored by everyone for his greatness. The only killer who can wear human flesh as a mask while killing others and let you keep a straight face. Leatherface set the standard for most horror movies since and he is still scary today. The makeup on Leatherface was incredibly beautiful and well done. he looked better than ever and seeing him kick ass again on the big screen was a great moment in my life that I am glad I could experience. If you go to see the movie expect to see Leatherface kick some major ass and don't worry you WILL NOT be disappointed. Leatherface is THE MAN.

Those are my reasons for you to see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you see any movie this week make it this one. That's my review, thank you for reading. If you have any of your own reasons feel free to post them.
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