HaveAnAenima (haveanaenima) wrote,

Incredible Hate Anthem of a Psychotic

Today is saturday. In my childhood I loved saturday. This saturday reminded me of the old days. I didn't really go out. I had pizza for dinner. I played games and attempted to study. Jim lives at my house at the moment so I was hanging with him for a little. I have had much time to think and I have noticed I am always picking people apart and I love it. I love to bash people in my own mental silence. In this journal I feel I am going to let my thoughts out for a period of time to see what reacion that comes from it.

Working at Redner's again I have noticed a few things. (I need to begin writing these things down as they happen because my initial thoughts on a incident are much better than my afterthoughts when I have calmed my mind down) Anyway on with the show. I was doing bananas the other day and I had a pallet full of bananas I was forced to put out. I got a waste high table that I could put the boxes on so I didn't have to bend all which way. I got a cart and filled it with the bananas that were already on the shelf so that people could have access to them as I was filling the shelf. (I have to do it a certain way so that it looks nice and fits more) I pourposely block the shelf off with the pallet and my table and the cart. Now the cart is very easy to get to and the bananas are the same. As I am putting the bananas out people would actually walk by the cart, move the table i was working off of and take bananas from the unfinished shelf. How rude. I was about to slap all the people who would actually move my things as I was working off them just to get the "new" bananas. They were all the same. Infact the ones in the cart (In my opinion) looked better anyway. I feel I know produce better than the average person. (Being in produce for about 2 years all together) Now it is my beliefe that these people see me as an unimportant blue collar worker. Technically I guess I am; However, when I hit them with my car as they are walking through the parking lot and I get out and skull fuck their almost lifeless body I will be pretty important in their lives. You really need to be aware of the people you anger. Some people have no reason to live and could just snap at any moment in time.

I really like this writing stuff. I feel I am going to do it much more often.

Here is a prime example of why I believe women are the root of all evil and why I am better than most females and males (Mostly saying I am better than girls). (Go ahead argue, you just prove my theory) Girls always try to play with guys. They promise things and say things that they don't really mean. I haven't met a truly honest girl in my entire life. This is partially why i am single and have been single for a good amount of time. I suppose I could have a girl semi easily. I choose not to have a girl. I am being incredibly picky. I am not going to work my ass off for a girl. I am not going to stoop to lower levels than usualy to get a girl. I am not going to call a girl every night. I am not going to give my full attention to a girl every day. I am not going to spend my money on a girl. I am not going to lower my standards. I am not going to do anything out of the ordinary for a girl simply because I am yet to find a girl who is worth it. I occasionally find girls who interest me but that fades very quickly when they expect me to kiss their ass. How about this, you kiss mine. I'm better than you because I don't lie. I also have this thing called a conscience. It's a rarety that I meet a girl with a good conscience. Girls WILL throw you away and feel relatively nothing for it because in their minds most of them think they are special in some way. News flash, you're not fucking special. I will not bend over backwards for you. If you think I will go ahead try me. You can be the most beautiful girl in the world, if I don't like your personailty I will tell you to do the world a favore and kill youself because you're a waste of human life and not worth my time or anyone elses at that.

From now on I am going to try to update this about every other day. I will write down the things I see that bother myself and I will let you all know. If you have any comments please feel free to post them so I can bash you as well.
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