HaveAnAenima (haveanaenima) wrote,

Attention customers, I'M NOT GOD! Leave me alone.

Everyone who works any form of retail hates customers. That's just how it works. I agree, I hate them as well. The things that bother me the most are the fact that they want you to know everything as if the $7 an hour is enough for you to want to be the best worker in the store and do nothing but slave yourself for your work. Customers are all so stupid and through my experience with these people I have become one of the best customers you could ever work with simply because I know what it's like and how much everyone hates customers.

When I am walking through my department customers should not ask me where items on the shelves are. When I am at work I wear an apron which is usually covered in produce "stuff". Even though people see me looking like I do something in the BACK because I DO they still continue to ask me where an item is that probably belongs on the other side of the store. These people are so incredibly lazy and stupid.

#1. I look like I work in the back and the fact is, I DO.
#2. I don't have the entire store memorized, I don't even shop there.
#3. You're fucking lazy, get up and LOOK for what you need. I will have to do the same thing.
#4. Don't get pissed when I don't know, It's not my job, despite what you say.
And finally
#5. The customer is not always right at my store... go ahead complain. You will get an earful and never shop at my store again.

How about these people who MUST have the salad bar the second I am closing it up. I hate these people so much. How dumb are they? You know the reason we pull it is because IT'S 16 HOURS OLD! Do you really want food that has been sitting out for over 16 hours? Do you WANT food poisoning? I have had it once, it's definitely not fun. People actually get pissed at me when I tell them the salad bar is closed because they came too late. Whose fault is it? I'm just doing my job so I can leave on time, I don't care about you. Anyone who gets pissed at me for doing my job deserves to fall into an open manhole and get eaten by rats as they are decaying in the sewage they belong in.

How about the people who ask for an item say... "Strawberries" and they get incredibly pissed that they're not in season and we don't have them. Here is an example.

Customer: Excuse me, do you have any strawberries?
Me: No sorry, they’re out of season.
Customer: So you don't have them in the back or anything?
Me: No I'm sorry; we can't get them in because they're out of season.
Customer: Well why don't you have them in? I saw them at "so and so" grocery store the other day.
Me: Well they probably had them in frozen storage saved. We don't do that anymore because it makes the strawberries gross.
Customer: Well I need strawberries.
Me: I'm sorry, we don't have any.
Customer: "uggh" fine, whatever. Goodbye. *Leaves cart in the middle of the produce section and walks out*

This is typically how it goes in this situation. Now let’s pick this apart. First thing, I always state why we don't have the item in my first sentence but they ALWAYS ask "why". I just told you asshole! What do you want me to say? "I don't have them because I knew you were coming in and decided not to order them to piss you off" ? I mean seriously. I hate it when they ask if they're in the back after I just told them we don't have them. I don't need to check the back because I know we haven't been getting them in, they're not going to just appear back there because YOU want them. If you saw what you need at another store then GO TO THAT FUCKING STORE and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MINE. I hope you get into a massive car accident on the way and get trapped in your vehicle as it burns. I am glad these people walk out. If you don't like the store, LEAVE. I am NOT going to bust my balls for what I get paid just so you can have your fucking strawberries or salad.

Anyone who complains in my store should kill themselves. Try something creative. I know... eat salad until your stomach explodes and you’re stomach juices and acids run through your body infection your blood and such killing you relatively instantly after it explodes.
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