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A trained Monkey can push a button, why can't you?

My work recycles cardboard. It's a great idea to re-use it and it makes the company money so I don't think this is a BAD idea; However, people make this task incredibly difficult. We have to put the cardboard in this thing called a bailer. This "bailer" crushed up the cardboard and turns it all into a bail. One of the problems with the bailer is that you can only put5 a certain amount of cardboard in before you have to compact it. The compacting of the machine is one of the largest problems. To compact it all one has to do is push a button. You don't even have to wait, you put your cardboard in, push the button and then walk away to do whatever it is you would like to do now. Some people can't understand that when you put the cardboard in YOU PUSH THE BUTTON. Whenever I go up to the bailer it is almost filled with cardboard and then I have to sit there and wait for it to compact that before I can put my own in. WTF???? This means someone is either too stupid to push the button, too lazy or they are just mean. I would think it's probably because they're stupid. If you're over 30 and you're doing what I do at a grocery store you can't be very bright. So tell me, why the HELL can't these people PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON. It's really not hard. You put in your cardboard and push a button. It only takes half a second to push the button. I always push it, do you know why? I always push it because it's EASY! I also don't want to piss everyone off. There is also a rule saying you MUST compact your cardboard before walking away. The sign is posted right on the front of a bailer. A trained monkey can push a button. Hell, a trained money can probably do whichever persons whole job other than talking to the customers. My theory is they can't read the sign and the people are too moronic to push it. I swear everyone there has something up their ass. I am going to yell at the next person I see fill the bailer and not push the fucking button.
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