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You are NOT a badass in an online game. Get a life.

I have been playing a massive online R.P.G. on my pc a lot recently. I have noticed many things about this type of game. A major issue on my mind are the people who act like badasses online. Here is some advice for anyone who threatens me in this game. Stop, it just makes you look like an idiot. "You're a pussy". I sure am a pussy. I have an idea, turn off the pc, walk outside with a gun and shoot yourself in the head in front of your neighbors. I'm sure they will get just as much satisfaction out of it as I will.

Next issue, when I tell someone what I have done in a game, it is to make conversation. I AM NOT attacking you. I AM NOT claiming to be better than you in any way. I AM NOT trying to get into an argument about who is better at what and who can defeat who. Quite honestly I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. I don't like to argue about stupid points of "Who is better at Star Wars Galaxies". If I say "Guess what, I found this really good item last night". I am not bragging, I am MAKING CONVERSATION. Have you heard of the term? Conversation = "The spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk.
An instance of this: held a long conversation on the subject.
An informal discussion of a matter by representatives of governments, institutions, or organizations." (As defined by dictionary.com) I am trying to have a conversation based on something we both enjoy and do on a regular basis. I am not having a "who has the larger nut sack" competition.

The next item on my list... In these games you can be in "groups" and work together. I don't like to work in groups because most of the people who play the game are morons. This evening I was in this cave hunting force sensitive characters. (They drop good items) and I wanted the items for myself. I don't need a group to beat them so why would I join their group or group with them? If I let them join they will take the things I earned myself. Well anyway I was in the cave and people were getting very angry with me because I was working alone and getting all the kills for myself. If I group with them they get some of what I have earned. I couldn't believe how angry they were getting. They were even telling me I sucked. If I suck so much why was I getting all the kills? They also said my profession is useless... if it’s so useless again... why am I doing better? I am tired of moronic people with the mentality of twelve year olds playing my games.

The number one thing on my list are these people who report you for every little thing. I am sick of these people who have no life to the point where they need to "tell on you" for doing something "wrong" in the fucking game. Isn't the point of games to do things you can't do in real life? I want to have fun, don't ruin it because you're an uptight asshole. I had someone report me because i named my pet "AIDS" in the game. He claimed he was offended because "It causes thousands of deaths each year". So it's obviously illogical to name my attacking pet (Who is a killing machine) "AIDS". Of course it's illogical I mean... why would you name a gross looking badass pet that kills things "AIDS", it's completely immoral. Oh no! I said "AIDS", somehow that's offensive. Did anyone know "AIDS" was a swear? I sure didn't and apparently the developers of the game didn't give two shits about this guys report because #1 they can see he's a moron and #2 My pet's name is STILL "AIDS" a month later. Here is this guys conversation with myself:

"dravis tells you: not a misstel, I am asking you in a friendly way to recall you pet another name...AIDS has caused thausands of death in the last years, not a good choice in a game...but its up to you.
dravis tells you: Devhelper on playserver here..toke a screenshot, you signed SOE rules by activating your account...this is not my business anymore...have a nice day

Now I re-typed this exactly how this "bright" person typed it. They can't even speak English and they want me to listen to them? At least type correctly and check what you are typing BEFORE you send a tell like that. Oh by the way, it never WAS your business. I will name my pet any name that I am allowed. "AIDS" is not a curse; In fact, there is nothing offensive about saying "AIDS". You are just a moron trying to get others in trouble for what YOU believe is right. Remember jackass, everyone has different views, you don't have to accept them but you can't force your own views on someone else. Moron =)."

Online gaming is great other than those few items; I recommend it to everyone but watch out for these instances. If you have any comments, please feel free to post them. I can use some more material.
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