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The Banana War - Reloaded

Another day of updating, more gloriouse stories for everyone to read. I had a few comments on my past update. Thank you for all of your kind words. I love you all too. By the way, way to go trying to tell me my opinion is wrong, can we say "dictatorship"? Moving along, on with my stories. I have many things to tell in this update, three days go a long way. Here it is, all for you.

Day two of the bananas. Another interesting story. No I am not obsessed with them, I'm obsessed with bashing these people. Again I brought out my table that I could work off of and put that to the right side of the Bananas. I also have a U-Frame I was working off of full of banana boxes. I also brought out the cart that I could fill with easily-accessible bananas. Now there is a complete border around the bananas. The ones I am working on are only accessible by reaching over the corners. While I am working on the bananas I watch as the people try and figure out how to get by. Why do they need to? I set up bananas for them in the cart. Eventually people figure out if they reached far over the corners they could grab some of the bananas I was putting on the shelf. Seeing this I cover the corners with boxes, now it would take someone with an 8 foot reach to get them. I caused much confision. I think some people started to catch on and just took them from the cart. Some people stood there, I believe they were waiting for me to let them in. No one is getting in... no one! As I turn my back some lady actually moves the cart i am working off of, gets in my way and proceeds to pick through the bananas I had just set up and now a line is forming where she moved my cart and now i have to wait for all these ignorant people to get the bananas from the shelf as opposed to the same exact bananas I put in the easily-accessible cart that I had laid out just for them. Now I am getting quite frusterated with people and I begin to give very firty looks to everyone. Eventually the line dies down for a second and I move the table back and put many boxes on it to make it very heavy. Now people are flustered. I can tell the people are very angered that I am trying to do my job. I hate the fact that they are mad that they can't have "those" bananas. Stupid pathetic morons. The bananas that are easy to get CAME OFF THE SAME FUCKING LOAD. As I tell them this fact they still insist on trying to get by. Eventually this lady comes up and stairs at me for a minute or two. As I make eye contact with her she begins to talk and says "Umm excuse me, I can't seem to get by". In my mind I think to myself "No shit, does it look like I accidentally blocked it all off? There is a reason you can't get through, why do you need to egt through?" After I think this to myself for a brief second I assure her the ones that are easy to get are the same. After that she respond to me in a rude tone "I wan't THOSE ones". That was the worst thing she could have said to me. That was one of the most ignorant things anyone has ever said to me on the job. Why does she want THOSE ones? She can take them from the boxes I am working off of if she needs the same thing but NO. She has to have them from the shelf... because somehow the trip from the box to the shelf alters them in saome way... I don't know. What is the mentailty begind that? People are morons. Don't shop at Redner's anymore. Stay away from the store. I hope they go out of business and I lose my job. Just stay away. I took a mental picute of that ladies face, If I ever see her... I am going to do something. Like if I see her in a parking lot walking away from her car... Then she going to find many suprises waiting for her when she comes back to it. I caution everyone, be careful of who you piss off. Some people will actually go to sick lengths to teach you a lesson or to get revenge... or both. Have a nice day =) .

While I was on break the other day I wrote a few notes to myself on a peice of paper that I had in my pocket. This is what I wrote on that day:

Why is it so awkward in a breakroom? Sitting here with two other people in complete silence is odd. It's very hard for me to sit here in complete silence. It's not as hard as usual at he moment because i am writing on this peice of paper. The middle aged woman who works at customer service is sitting at the table with her head down, I guess it is an attempt to make the situation a bit less awkward. The asian woman who is sitting to the right of me on the opposite side of the table is drinking coffe and eating donuts. She seems to be stairing out into space as she eats and drinks. Watching her she just observed her donut closesly before she put it into ther mouth. They have Hanson playing over the speakers as all of this is happeneing. Strange situation. I still have about 20 minutes left on my break. Mike who I work with in produce sliced most of the end of his thumb off today with his box blade. When he did this (In the middle of doinh the poptatoes which I ended up finishing) he immidiately ran to the sink. Bill (The produce manager) sent him to the hospital. Mike's day is shot.I'm about to go to the other breakroom. Not one of us spoke a word to the other in the breakroom I just left. I was there for 15 minutes and the entire time it was silence other than Hanson playing in the background. It's odd how somehting like that can happen. Speech anxiety isn't good, I'm glad I got over that problem.
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