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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
3:20 pm - Oh yes, I forgot. You obviously know more than I do. Have a nice time.
An acquaintance of mine called me about an hour ago. He was wondering if I was interested in purchasing his friends Laptop. Now I am quite a collector of computers; However, I am not a rich man. I told him I didn't have too much money. I asked him about how much the guy was looking to sell it for. He said around $300. I told him I only had about $100 that I could spend. He told me his friend may still be interested. He says to me "It's a brand new laptop, and it's really good". So I'm picturing something above 2 GHz. Maybe 512 Megs of ram. At least a 16 Meg video card. So I told him I would wait for his call. After about an hour passes and he still hasn't called so I called him. He says "Oh we're taking it to a pawn shop, we will get more money for it there" (I sincerely doubt that, it's a pawn shop. Not a computer store) as I told him I doubted they would get much more than I offered he gave me a cocky attitude, as if I was the one trying to rip HIM off. Keep in mind this person only calls me when he needs something or is looking to sell something. He says "Yeah, it's a great pc. It's a 1.2 GHz Celeron with 256 Megs of SD-RAM." I was about to laugh myself to death. Anyone who refers to a CELERON 1.2 as being good deserves to be shot multiple times in the face with a 12 gauge. I would rather have an 800 MHz genuine Pentium 3 over a fucking 1.2 Celeron. The thing still has SD-RAM and it's only 256. He didn't even get into the other specs but this pc is definitely not new considering they're above the 3 GHz mark. The standard amount of ram to have today is 512 Megs. This machine only has HALF of that. But that's right. So during the conversation I say "That's not a very good pc" And this person who knows very little about computers has the audacity to tell ME that it IS good. I dislike it very much when someone who is computer illiterate has the balls to TELL me something about computers. I'll tell you what, keep that attitude. It's going to take you very far in life. And if you want to live in a fantasy world and believe that the computer is good... go for it. That's the way most of America is these days. Welcome to the majority of the population. And yes, I took offense to the fact that he wasn't even going to call me back and tell me his friend wasn't interested. It shows good businessman ship on your part. It also shows your integrity. He should have at least called me to tell me his friend wasn't interested. The most horrible thing you can do to me is waste my time.

The lesson of this story is:

#1. Don't waste my time.

#2. If you're not very good with computers don't tell someone who spends most of their life dealing with them what is correct and wrong about them.

As I was just about to submit this the person gave me a call. "Hey, the pawn shop wouldn't take the pc" “It was because he doesn’t have the power cord or the recovery c.d.’s” "Are you still interested in buying it?" Me = "No" Him = "You're not?" Me = "No" Him = "Alright" "Bye" *Click*. He didn't even give me a chance to say goodbye. I don’t think this person owned the laptop.

#1. They’re trying to sell it really fast.

#2. The battery is charged YET they don’t have the power cord. That’s an interesting fact isn’t it?

Now... Who was right? Hmm, let’s see... I love myself.

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
12:58 pm - Boredom and its repercussions
So I was at Wal-Mart and I had a fun conversation with the girl who works behind the gun counter. First she asked my friends and I if any of us needed help and we all responded with "No". After I look for a second I realize what section we're in. Now... guns are great for playing with people. Just out of curiosity I ask her if there is a waiting period on the guns. She said there isn't one but there is a background check that she could do right then and there. After that I asked if there was one for the pellet guns. She responded with "No". At this point I say "Well... I can't afford any of these weapons" "They're really expensive", "I'll just use a baseball bat". As I said this I used my great power of being able to keep a straight face. I give her a serious look and walk away. The whole time my friends and I are walking through the store she was watching me. I don’t know if my friends heard me say what I said. I only know the one girl who I had just met did. I’m glad she didn’t call security.

As I was coming home I my car I noticed someone tailgating me. I was bored and trying to kill time so I slowed my vehicle much below the speed limit. When a car finally pulled up in the other lane I stayed parallel to it so the tailgater could not pass. I could tell it was making the driver very angry. Soon we came to a light and I see its two very large teenage males. As I pull past the light they get behind me... odd, right? Not really. As I approached my house I noticed they were still following me. After I noticed this I decided it would be a bad idea for me to stop in front of my house. #1 they’ll know where I live and might do something to my vehicle later and #2 the slim chance they may jump me. Now I know #2 is stupid to worry about; however, #1 is the one that had me worrying. I was bored anyway so I pull through my section and get onto Brownsville. So now I'm really fucking with these guys. I'm slowing down and speeding up in very odd intervals. As I approached the trailer park they must have said "Eh, fuck it" and they turned off into some section and turned around. As I notice this I pull into the development across from the school and turn around. As I did that I made it home without any worries.

I really need to find something better to do with myself other than fucking with people when I’m bored. I’m really good at it but it’s eventually going to get me sent to the hospital… or killed. Either one would be funny but it wouldn’t be fun for me. Now that summer is here and I’m done with college until next semester I’m sure I’ll have plenty of things to write about.

There was really no moral or point to this story so… shut up.

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
7:21 pm - What’s with Stores today?
I woke up today with the intent of purchasing new black boots. I woke up, I showered, I went to the bank and I cashed my checks and I proceeded to go shopping. Convincing myself to go shopping alone is hard enough let alone what I was about to go through today. I first went to Dick’s sporting goods. They had one pair of black boots. The boots were too high and incredibly ugly so I didn’t pick them up. As I walked out I figured they just didn’t carry many boots. I was close to the mall so I drove to it with the mentality of “It’s the mall, they have about 6 shoe stores that only sell shoes, and they’ll definitely have a pair I like somewhere”. I spent an hour at the mall touring every shoe store. To my surprise I only found one pair of black boots out of every store. In all six stores I found ONE PAIR OF BLACK BOOTS?!?!?!?! How is this possible? Do people not wear black work boots anymore? I guess they’re not fashionable to all the morons in the world so everyone stopped selling them. I don’t understand fashion today. People expect me to wear bright white boots? Are you a moron? People wear boots for work. If I wore white boots to work they would be incredibly stained after the first day of work. I guess my money isn’t good enough to stock black work boots. Who wears boots to work anymore, right? Oh wait; everyone must wear bright white boots. I see, so I’m supposed to break down and spend $100 on a pair of boots that I think are ugly and will be corroded much to fast. Out of every place I went I finally wound up 3 minutes from the mall at a store called “Work’in gear”. They had a small section of work boots with a few black pairs. I browsed them for a second and I laid eyes on an incredibly stunning pair of Timberlands. These boots are great; however, I don’t understand why I had to go to a specialty work store to pick up a pair of black fucking boots. (I needed to add the “fucking”, it just fits so well to the way I am feeling about this situation)

I was also bothered by the fact that all the shoe stores I walked into were playing rap, as though everyone that’s interested in purchasing a pair of sneakers obviously enjoys rap. Why play something neutral like classical music? No need to please everyone; we only carry shoes for “thugs” yo. Exactly, it’s perfect. Let’s turn everyone into the same mindless person so that the world lives in complete stupidity and harmony. Molding everyone into the same person is going to help our society, right? I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be a pimp? I really hate the fashion and mentality that people have today. I wish people would wake up and realize they’re being controlled. A few years ago every shoe department in the mall carried black boots, why not now? Why must we change each other? People just don’t realize they’re being molded into cattle for corporations to sell products to. You’re being controlled. I am even being controlled in a few aspects, though; I am being controlled much less than the average person. I hope everyone reads this with an open mind and tries to see the unintelligent mentality people have today. Realize you’re being controlled.

The moral to this entry is: Fashion today runs our lives, don’t be controlled by corporations.

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Thursday, March 18th, 2004
11:35 pm - Korn’s new c.d., is it worth your time?
Over the week I have… “Obtained” the new Korn c.d. “Take a look in the mirror”. Now the big question, is it worth your time? That’s hard to say for everyone; however, in my opinion I believe it is worth your time. The c.d. sounds more like their older albums as opposed to the new type of music you heard in “Issues” and “untouchables”. I don’t even have “Untouchables” because I disliked it so much. The song titled “Play me” features the rapper “Nas” which gets on my nerves a little. I didn’t obtain this c.d. to hear Nas rap. If I want to hear rap I’ll go and get some. I’m not saying anything bad about rap, I’m just saying it’s not my taste and I don’t want to hear it on my Korn c.d., I obtained this c.d. to hear really hard rock type music. The hit song on this c.d. would have to be “Y’All want a single”. The song is somewhat repetitive; however, it is incredibly catchy none-the-less. While I was over my friend’s house he was in the middle of taking a shower and while I was waiting I watched a few music videos on his pc and this takes us to our next issue that of which confuses me.

As I watched the video for Korn’s not such a single “Y’All want a single” I noticed a few things. It is a cool video and different from Korn’s usual taste in what they want for their videos. It takes place in a music store which resembles F.Y.E. and they basically just trash the place with all of the customers in the store. As they are doing so words flash across the screen giving you facts about the music industry which make the music industry look bad. It is a really neat video, all besides the one part where it flashes “Steal this video” across the screen. This bothers me for one reason on their new c.d. they have a hidden track at the end. The hidden track features Metallica. Do any of you see the irony in this? Korn is telling us to steal some of their music; however, the people on their hidden track have been suing people for stealing any of their material, for their own personal listening use. Has this confused anyone yet? So if Korn hates the music industry to the point that of which they want us to steal their music then why are they teaming up with a band like Metallica. The fact that they even associate with Metallica makes me weary of stealing anything Korn related. Not only has Napster been screwed over many single fans have been screwed as well just for enjoying the music of their favorite band. I though this little point was interesting. Feel free to comment on this strange situation.

Now to end my little evaluation of Korn’s latest endeavor, I feel the c.d. is definitely worth your time to listen to. (And that’s a lot coming from me) I think all of you should “Obtain” this c.d. in some form. If you would like to “listen to it permanently” send me an IM and I’ll help you to “obtain” a c.d. of your own. If you have heard the c.d. and have your own opinion then leave a comment or two. Thank you for your time.

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
1:33 pm - It’s a doorway, not an area for social gathering.
Anyone who goes to any form of school which has teenagers and people in their 20’s as the main part of the student body has probably noticed that these people do not understand what a doorway is. Either you noticed that, or you’re one of the idiots who don’t understand this concept. I feel it’s rather simple, if the door is open you use it as a port for entering or exiting a room. “door•way n. The entranceway to a room, building, or passage.” (As defined by www.dictionary.com) Now what is an entrance? “en•trance1 n. 1. The act or an instance of entering. 2. A means or point by which to enter.” (As defined by www.dictionary.com).

Ok, so a doorway is “an entranceway that you move through to enter a room” this will be our common definition. So if this is what a doorway is for, then why do people not understand that you shouldn’t stand in front of them while classes are moving? Or stand in front of them at all for that matter. How ignorant are these people? “I need to smoke so I’m going to stand right in front of the door to do it”. These people are ignorant, rude and unintelligent. They can’t stand a few feet away so that the doorway is open, that’s too much work. Let’s stand right in front of the door. All the “cool” people are doing it. I just want to kick anyone standing in the middle of a doorway right in the nuts. I don’t take that crap, I shove the people out of the way. If they want to stand right in the center of the highest traffic area then what should they expect? Do they want me to go “Well shit, they’re in front of the door, I guess I’ll just wait until they move and be late for my class because they’re stupid.”? No, that’s an illogical end. I just push those fuckers. The people I push actually find it necessary to give me a dirty look. They’re the ignorant ones but I’m the asshole for needing to get to my class right? Of course, I’m wrong for moving through the doorway. Hey maybe if I asked them if I could join them they would move over and give me a spot to stand in (at which point I would use the opening to walk through). Maybe if I was handing out free cigarettes in the courtyard they would all flock there and get out of my way? I should try it sometime, it might be fun. I’ll tape the whole event.

I thought this crap would have stopped in high school but I was wrong. It’s only worse now that people can smoke on school property. Now I get to be stuck outside from idiots blocking the doorway but also I get to suffocate on all of the second hand smoke because everyone must be balled into one small area in front of the building even though our campus is huge. Hey… terrorists… idea for a COUGH target COUGH. So many people in one area… Anyway, next subject before I get myself into trouble.

Let’s go back to high school and let’s talk about narrow hallways and people who don’t understand that traffic flows both ways. Have you ever noticed the people who MUST walk in a group and they just NEED to be side by side and take up the entire length of the hall way? Have you seen this? You must have, either that or you were a part of it. The sick thing is if you needed to get by going the other direction they actually gave you a dirty look and let out a sigh because they had to move. To this I say “What the fuck?” How completely rude can you be? Every time some stuck-up bitch did that to me I just wanted to drop kick her right in the temple and then spit on her “stylish” clothing. I refrained due to respect for my fellow man (which these people obviously lack) and the fact that I would have gotten into a lot of trouble. Though high school was a few years back I still remember these instances because they really bothered me.

The moral to this is: GET OUT OF THE WAY DIP SHIT!

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
2:57 am - More idiotic questions straight from the idiots themselves.
It’s been a while since I have updated and I am sure now that I have waited so long to update that I will have many things to write about. I had a few set backs happen in my personal life that has taken most of my free time. I have some free time now though, so here we are.

The first thing on my mind is some of the things I had happen last night. I was doing the bananas (as usual) when an old lady comes up to me to ask me where the bags are. (For putting the produce in and such) because she saw two of the dispensers were empty. Two feet behind her was… guess what, A full dispenser! YAY, you’re official a moron. Literally two minutes after the old woman another “huge” woman came up to me and rudely says “Why are all these dispensers empty?” The first thing I noticed was the question she was trying to ask was wrong. “Why are all these dispensers empty?” because they ran out. Other people use them as well you know. What she obviously wanted to ask was “Why has no one filled these dispensers back up?” but she’s not bright enough to ask the correct question let alone say it in a tone of voice that doesn’t make it seem like she is implying it’s MY fault they’re empty. When she first asked me, “Why are all these dispensers empty?” I almost said “The bags knew you were coming so they packed their shit and ran away as fast as they could.” but I would have gotten fired and… I need money. I just replied to her “I don’t know, it’s not my job to fill the bags.” and she walked away. I really dislike people like that. There are 25 dispensers in produce alone. About 4 were empty… walk the extra three feet to the next one and grab a bag; In fact, walk to the furthest one… you need the walk.

The next thing that happened, a man that looked to be 60 maybe (I’m not sure) came up to me and said “What, you don’t have any loose tomatoes?” He also said this wrong. He should have asked “Do you carry loose tomatoes?” NOT “What, you don’t have any loose tomatoes?” I watched him walk up to me before he “asked” me his question. Guess what, the moron walked RIGHT PAST THEM. He has the nerve to walk right by them, not even look around, and then ask me a question in an incredibly rude way. As I keep my thoughts to myself as I point to the table and say “They’re right over there.” As he walks toward them the idiot actually walks right by them… then in front of them… then turns around and keeps looking. HE COULDN’T FIND THEM!!! I was about to begin laughing as hard as I could but I held myself back. I walked up to him, pointed down to the table and said “They’re right there, sir.” He looked at me with an embarrassed face and said “Oh… umm, thanks… ….” As I walked away I couldn’t help myself but begin to laugh. I only had one word in my head at the time “Owned”.

Lastly as I was taking down the salad bar and actually putting the salad and such on the carts to take them in the back as couple in their 40’s (I’m guessing again, but it gives a relative idea) came up to me. The woman opens her mouth and actually says “Is the salad bar closed?” I almost said “No we’re just putting everything in the back for the night, it’s not closed though.” I refrained again due to the need of money. I reply to her “Yes, It’s closed”. She turns away and then turns back and actually says “Can I get some anyway, it will just take a second”. I almost busted out laughing. The salad bar closes at 9:00. I even waited till 9:12 to begin pulling it just so all the last second morons could get their salad. She actually asked me if she could get some. This lady wanted to hold me up from getting out of work on time so… she could have a salad. That’s not right. I feel she is a sick woman. I reply to her “No, I already pulled the utensils so there is no way to get it out of the case without using your hand.” As she gives me a disgusted look she walks away chatting quietly with her husband. At this point all I can think of is “Owned again”. I was doing well with the customers last night.

The ending point to the entry should prove that there is such a thing as a stupid question. If you can answer your own question, DON’T ASK. If you lack that much common sense then you do not deserve to be able to walk around freely; simply because you’re a danger to yourself and others around you.

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Monday, December 29th, 2003
1:33 pm - Attention customers, I'M NOT GOD! Leave me alone.
Everyone who works any form of retail hates customers. That's just how it works. I agree, I hate them as well. The things that bother me the most are the fact that they want you to know everything as if the $7 an hour is enough for you to want to be the best worker in the store and do nothing but slave yourself for your work. Customers are all so stupid and through my experience with these people I have become one of the best customers you could ever work with simply because I know what it's like and how much everyone hates customers.

When I am walking through my department customers should not ask me where items on the shelves are. When I am at work I wear an apron which is usually covered in produce "stuff". Even though people see me looking like I do something in the BACK because I DO they still continue to ask me where an item is that probably belongs on the other side of the store. These people are so incredibly lazy and stupid.

#1. I look like I work in the back and the fact is, I DO.
#2. I don't have the entire store memorized, I don't even shop there.
#3. You're fucking lazy, get up and LOOK for what you need. I will have to do the same thing.
#4. Don't get pissed when I don't know, It's not my job, despite what you say.
And finally
#5. The customer is not always right at my store... go ahead complain. You will get an earful and never shop at my store again.

How about these people who MUST have the salad bar the second I am closing it up. I hate these people so much. How dumb are they? You know the reason we pull it is because IT'S 16 HOURS OLD! Do you really want food that has been sitting out for over 16 hours? Do you WANT food poisoning? I have had it once, it's definitely not fun. People actually get pissed at me when I tell them the salad bar is closed because they came too late. Whose fault is it? I'm just doing my job so I can leave on time, I don't care about you. Anyone who gets pissed at me for doing my job deserves to fall into an open manhole and get eaten by rats as they are decaying in the sewage they belong in.

How about the people who ask for an item say... "Strawberries" and they get incredibly pissed that they're not in season and we don't have them. Here is an example.

Customer: Excuse me, do you have any strawberries?
Me: No sorry, they’re out of season.
Customer: So you don't have them in the back or anything?
Me: No I'm sorry; we can't get them in because they're out of season.
Customer: Well why don't you have them in? I saw them at "so and so" grocery store the other day.
Me: Well they probably had them in frozen storage saved. We don't do that anymore because it makes the strawberries gross.
Customer: Well I need strawberries.
Me: I'm sorry, we don't have any.
Customer: "uggh" fine, whatever. Goodbye. *Leaves cart in the middle of the produce section and walks out*

This is typically how it goes in this situation. Now let’s pick this apart. First thing, I always state why we don't have the item in my first sentence but they ALWAYS ask "why". I just told you asshole! What do you want me to say? "I don't have them because I knew you were coming in and decided not to order them to piss you off" ? I mean seriously. I hate it when they ask if they're in the back after I just told them we don't have them. I don't need to check the back because I know we haven't been getting them in, they're not going to just appear back there because YOU want them. If you saw what you need at another store then GO TO THAT FUCKING STORE and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MINE. I hope you get into a massive car accident on the way and get trapped in your vehicle as it burns. I am glad these people walk out. If you don't like the store, LEAVE. I am NOT going to bust my balls for what I get paid just so you can have your fucking strawberries or salad.

Anyone who complains in my store should kill themselves. Try something creative. I know... eat salad until your stomach explodes and you’re stomach juices and acids run through your body infection your blood and such killing you relatively instantly after it explodes.

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1:15 pm - A trained Monkey can push a button, why can't you?
My work recycles cardboard. It's a great idea to re-use it and it makes the company money so I don't think this is a BAD idea; However, people make this task incredibly difficult. We have to put the cardboard in this thing called a bailer. This "bailer" crushed up the cardboard and turns it all into a bail. One of the problems with the bailer is that you can only put5 a certain amount of cardboard in before you have to compact it. The compacting of the machine is one of the largest problems. To compact it all one has to do is push a button. You don't even have to wait, you put your cardboard in, push the button and then walk away to do whatever it is you would like to do now. Some people can't understand that when you put the cardboard in YOU PUSH THE BUTTON. Whenever I go up to the bailer it is almost filled with cardboard and then I have to sit there and wait for it to compact that before I can put my own in. WTF???? This means someone is either too stupid to push the button, too lazy or they are just mean. I would think it's probably because they're stupid. If you're over 30 and you're doing what I do at a grocery store you can't be very bright. So tell me, why the HELL can't these people PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON. It's really not hard. You put in your cardboard and push a button. It only takes half a second to push the button. I always push it, do you know why? I always push it because it's EASY! I also don't want to piss everyone off. There is also a rule saying you MUST compact your cardboard before walking away. The sign is posted right on the front of a bailer. A trained monkey can push a button. Hell, a trained money can probably do whichever persons whole job other than talking to the customers. My theory is they can't read the sign and the people are too moronic to push it. I swear everyone there has something up their ass. I am going to yell at the next person I see fill the bailer and not push the fucking button.

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Saturday, December 13th, 2003
3:53 am - You are NOT a badass in an online game. Get a life.
I have been playing a massive online R.P.G. on my pc a lot recently. I have noticed many things about this type of game. A major issue on my mind are the people who act like badasses online. Here is some advice for anyone who threatens me in this game. Stop, it just makes you look like an idiot. "You're a pussy". I sure am a pussy. I have an idea, turn off the pc, walk outside with a gun and shoot yourself in the head in front of your neighbors. I'm sure they will get just as much satisfaction out of it as I will.

Next issue, when I tell someone what I have done in a game, it is to make conversation. I AM NOT attacking you. I AM NOT claiming to be better than you in any way. I AM NOT trying to get into an argument about who is better at what and who can defeat who. Quite honestly I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. I don't like to argue about stupid points of "Who is better at Star Wars Galaxies". If I say "Guess what, I found this really good item last night". I am not bragging, I am MAKING CONVERSATION. Have you heard of the term? Conversation = "The spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk.
An instance of this: held a long conversation on the subject.
An informal discussion of a matter by representatives of governments, institutions, or organizations." (As defined by dictionary.com) I am trying to have a conversation based on something we both enjoy and do on a regular basis. I am not having a "who has the larger nut sack" competition.

The next item on my list... In these games you can be in "groups" and work together. I don't like to work in groups because most of the people who play the game are morons. This evening I was in this cave hunting force sensitive characters. (They drop good items) and I wanted the items for myself. I don't need a group to beat them so why would I join their group or group with them? If I let them join they will take the things I earned myself. Well anyway I was in the cave and people were getting very angry with me because I was working alone and getting all the kills for myself. If I group with them they get some of what I have earned. I couldn't believe how angry they were getting. They were even telling me I sucked. If I suck so much why was I getting all the kills? They also said my profession is useless... if it’s so useless again... why am I doing better? I am tired of moronic people with the mentality of twelve year olds playing my games.

The number one thing on my list are these people who report you for every little thing. I am sick of these people who have no life to the point where they need to "tell on you" for doing something "wrong" in the fucking game. Isn't the point of games to do things you can't do in real life? I want to have fun, don't ruin it because you're an uptight asshole. I had someone report me because i named my pet "AIDS" in the game. He claimed he was offended because "It causes thousands of deaths each year". So it's obviously illogical to name my attacking pet (Who is a killing machine) "AIDS". Of course it's illogical I mean... why would you name a gross looking badass pet that kills things "AIDS", it's completely immoral. Oh no! I said "AIDS", somehow that's offensive. Did anyone know "AIDS" was a swear? I sure didn't and apparently the developers of the game didn't give two shits about this guys report because #1 they can see he's a moron and #2 My pet's name is STILL "AIDS" a month later. Here is this guys conversation with myself:

"dravis tells you: not a misstel, I am asking you in a friendly way to recall you pet another name...AIDS has caused thausands of death in the last years, not a good choice in a game...but its up to you.
dravis tells you: Devhelper on playserver here..toke a screenshot, you signed SOE rules by activating your account...this is not my business anymore...have a nice day

Now I re-typed this exactly how this "bright" person typed it. They can't even speak English and they want me to listen to them? At least type correctly and check what you are typing BEFORE you send a tell like that. Oh by the way, it never WAS your business. I will name my pet any name that I am allowed. "AIDS" is not a curse; In fact, there is nothing offensive about saying "AIDS". You are just a moron trying to get others in trouble for what YOU believe is right. Remember jackass, everyone has different views, you don't have to accept them but you can't force your own views on someone else. Moron =)."

Online gaming is great other than those few items; I recommend it to everyone but watch out for these instances. If you have any comments, please feel free to post them. I can use some more material.

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
2:22 pm - Semper... fi? PFFT!!!!!
Over this past week I had an odd run in with the marines. I am not in trouble or anything... don't worry about that. I probably could have wound up in trouble though, I am glad I didn't. Well anyway, on with my mockery.

You know how it was really windy this past week? Well on Thursday (My day off from school) my power was knocked out from all of the wind. When I don't have electricity I become incredibly bored and I almost NEED to find things to do. I was trying to find things to keep myself occupied. I took a shower to kill some time and I even cleaned my room a little. The bad part of this was my mother borrowed my car that day so I couldn't go anywhere either. What were the odds eh? Well after I was all cleaned from the shower and just sitting around listening to my portable cd player the phone rings. (The phones were still working and the phone in my room isn't cordless) I say to myself "YES" some form of entertainment. I answer the phone and it happens to be a Marine recruiter. I figure I can just mess with him for a while for some entertainment. He begins to ask me a few questions. Dumb questions like "Have you ever thought about joining the military?" "How old are you?" "Are you interested in the marines?". I gave him all lower toned true answers. For about half an hour I speak to this recruiter about the marines. Over the whole conversation he must have asked me to come to the recruitment office about 12 times. Eventually he said "Alright, if you don't come down I'll just come down to your house". At this point I don't know what to say... I can't really tell This decorated Marine "No you can't come to my house." I decide to tell him I will go to the Marine recruitment place to get some information. Oddly I was genuinely interested in learning more about the marines. I wouldn't join but I figured I should know more about the service anyway. The recruiter and I make an appointment to meet at 2:30 p.m. on friday (Right after my classes of the day). He agress to the time and hangs up.

The next morning I wake up and my mother starts asking me if I made an appointment somewhere. I tell her about the marines and she says "Oh alright, well they called to confirm your appointment for 4:30." I didn't make an appointment for 4:30 though; I wasn't going to go home and sit there for two hours and have to leave again to go somewhere I wasn't too thrilled about anyway. I call the office back and tell them it was for 2:30 and they must have gotten it wrong. They agree and tell me to come in at 2:30. (This is where the story becomes fun)

After I get out of class I go to the mall (The office is attached to the outside of the mall). I was about 25 minutes early so I walked through the mall a little. I stopped in suncoast and picked up the movie "Hellraiser: Bloodline", (great movie for those of you who have not seen it) after that I decide to just show up 8 minutes early to the office. I walk to the office and I am automatically greeted by a private. (I forget his name; I didn't care to know it anyway). He shakes my hand and begins asking me a few questions. He informs me that the recruiter is on his way and will be there in 15 minutes so I decided to stay and wait, I was there anyway. he just talks to me for a little and asks me what high school I went to and such. He seemed really... for lack of a better word slow. He wasn't very bright. I was making fun of him so much and I could tell he wasn't catching on. I started asking him some good questions like "why are the marines the best?" and "What kind of benefits do the marines provide for service". His answer to the "best question" was "Because we're the toughest mother fuckers". This answer did not impress me. I say to him "Alright but besides that why are you the best?" The private responds "Because... here is an example, the other day I ran into an old marine and he bought me lunch, and that is why we're the best" This answer had to be one of the dumbest things I have heard come out of anyone’s mouth. I want to know why the organization is good and he gives me the dumbest bullshit reasons he can think of. I suppose it's because he doesn't HAVE a reason for being the best. After all the legitimate questions I asked him a lot of weird questions like "Are the women in the marines hot" and "If someone is found out to be gay in the marines, what would happen to them?". I wanted to see if he would keep a straight face and oddly enough he did for the most part. I will say he was very friendly. Eventually the recruiter calls and says he is running late and he will be 15 more minutes. I decided to stay anyway I figured how late could he be? He's a Marine... right? He also told the private to make me take some test. I refused to take it. I had to argue with him for about 10 minutes about it. He finally gave up (Because i was having fun arguing anyway) and I got out of taking the stupid exam to see if I qualify for the marines. I know I would pass it anyway.

At this point I am wondering why the hell I'm staying but I didn't say anything. I am also wondering how long it is going to take him to catch on to me mocking him. He never did... I'm very glad he didn't too because he was much bigger than myself. I eventually got very bored and started asking the private what kind of music he liked. After I was done bashing his music other appointments started coming in. At this point I just want to leave but I am a little uncomfortable so I didn't say anything and I just sat there. At this point am thinking the marines are a bunch of low life, scum pieces of shit. It's been about an hour and a half and I am getting really annoyed. The recruiter hasn't even called in the past half an hour. I am pissed now. I wait 15 more minutes and 2 more appointments walk in. Now 4 people are waiting for this recruiter. I decide to finally open my mouth to the private and say "Hey I've been here for almost 2 hours and he hasn't shown up, I'm going to leave". He begins to bitch to me "Aww please stay like 15 more minutes" I say "I stayed an extra 2 hours already, he said 15 minutes about an hour and a half ago, I'm leaving, goodbye" and I walk out. As I am walking out I see a man in a marine uniform run by me, it must have been the recruiter. At this point I am so pissed I don't care anymore and I walk by and just go to my car. How could a marine be so late? I wasn't impressed with the marines at all. My advice is DO NOT JOIN THE MARINES!!! They are all morons. They are not the best. They did not impress me. I would never join their organization. If you join I hope you die in combat from a piece of shrapnel that flies through your balls, you get captured and thrown into a cell and die from the infections on your sac.

My theory on all this is that THEY SCREWED ME. That's why the mother fucker changed the appointment to 4:30; he decided he couldn't do it at 2:30 because he didn't want to be there. They agreed to have me come in at 2:30 and they figured I would just wait. That had to be what they did. Fucking assholes. I hope the marines has wide spread AIDS move through their whole organization from all the anal they have with each other. They ruined my whole day and I don't get many days off. He could have just said "I can't make it at that time, we have to make another appointment", that would have worked much better than wasting my day. Here is my final sentence. THE MARINES ARE A POOR MILITARY ORGANIZATION!!!

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Monday, November 3rd, 2003
4:24 pm - 10 Reasons why Texas Chainsaw Massacre rules.
On Halloween at 11:40 Myself and a two other friends went to see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I believed this movie was going to be very poorly done and below my needs in a movie. I was horribly wrong. To my surprise the movie was excellent. I am going to list Ten reasons this movie "Kicked ass" and why everyone should go to see it.

10. Coming in at number Ten is the main character. Jessica Biel (Erin in the film) She is incredibly beautiful. I never thought I would like a girl like herself but I was wrong about that as well. (Though that is a personal topic which I do not wish to get into) She was actually a very good actress. I really liked the way she played her role. They picked a very good actress for the part and that is why this is number ten on my list.

9. In the movie (Do not read this number if you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know a small part) At one part a girl picks up a gun and shoots it through her open mouth out of the back of her head. You see everything come out. After that the camera semi-slowly pans THROUGH the bullet hole and out the back of the window of the van. This was great. I had always wanted to see a scene like that in a movie and I hadn't seen it done so well before this movie. This was a great scene for me and I believe others have enjoy it too and this is why I am making this number nine on my list.

8. The setting for a movie is definitely a big part of how the movie is presented to the audience. If the setting does not match the movie then it will make the movie less believable. The environments in this movie were incredibly creepy, I loved every minute of it. The areas were also very huge, much work must have went into selecting these areas and creating the look they has in the movie. The lighting was great. Lighting is a big part in a horror movie. Light can make a normal person look terrifying. The environments were perfect for this movie and that is why they are number eight on my list.

7. The ending was awesome. I wish I could go back and have the surprise again. I really liked the ending. I don't want to give anything away but trust me the ending was amazing. Great endings always make for a good movie and that's why it is number 7 on my list.

6. This movie was great for making people suddenly jump. I have never been in a movie that made more people jump at certain scenes. They planned them so well and at perfect points away from each other to get that ultimate surprise and make you go "AHH". I didn't jump unfortunately, but everyone else did and I really enjoyed that. When a movie makes you jump more than three times you know you just saw an excellent movie. The sound helped... But I am going to talk about that later. Sudden jumps make this number six on my list.

5. The acting is number five on my list because it was actually GOOD. I didn't think it was possible but it really was. I was shocked. A new horror movie with GOOD acting? That posible fact illuded me before this movie. This movie broke many borders with the acting in it. Most horror movies have poor "cheesy" acting. Good acting helps the movie greatly and that's why it is number five on my list.

4. The violence and makeup in the movie are excellent. There is no stupid C.G.I. violence. It is all real makeup that looks incredibly real, probably because it actually exists. When someone lost a limb... it actually looked like they lost a limb. When someone got stabbed, it looked like they were just stabbed. People hanging from hooks and laying in blood, and it looked incredibly real. When someone was bleeding it looked like they were bleeding. The body parts and gore in the movie were incredibly realistic. Realistic visuals are one of the best parts of a good horror movie and that's why they are number four on my list.

3. The music and sound effects were one of the best parts of this movie. When something made you jump it was usually mostly due to the horrific sound effects and music. The music and sound matched everything perfectly. The eerie sound that was always being produced would give you a spooky feeling and them BAM something comes and finished the scaring job. The sound and music were excellent and done perfectly for the movie as it should be in all movies and that is why this is number three on my list.

2. Number two on the list of course is R. LEE Ermey. If anyone of you have seen Full Metal Jacket or Mail call then you know who I am speaking of. He is the host of the show "Mail call" and he was also the insane drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. That's right, the guy from Full Metal Jacket is in the movie and he kicks ass through the whole movie. He has a leading role and plays the part as perfectly as only someone like himself can. If you see the movie for ANY reason then go to see it just for him. His comedy in the movie is great as usual and his acting is amazing as you would expect. This man made half the movie for me. He should be in every movie. Ermey is "The man" and that is why he is number 2 on my list.

1. And the number one reason to see the movie is of course TO SEE LEATHER FACE CUT PEOPLE UP. If you see this movie and don’t care about that fact then GO AWAY. This is what the movie is about, the mindless violence and The Massacre. Leatherface is the man and should be honored by everyone for his greatness. The only killer who can wear human flesh as a mask while killing others and let you keep a straight face. Leatherface set the standard for most horror movies since and he is still scary today. The makeup on Leatherface was incredibly beautiful and well done. he looked better than ever and seeing him kick ass again on the big screen was a great moment in my life that I am glad I could experience. If you go to see the movie expect to see Leatherface kick some major ass and don't worry you WILL NOT be disappointed. Leatherface is THE MAN.

Those are my reasons for you to see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you see any movie this week make it this one. That's my review, thank you for reading. If you have any of your own reasons feel free to post them.

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Thursday, October 30th, 2003
1:29 pm - The Banana War - Reloaded
Another day of updating, more gloriouse stories for everyone to read. I had a few comments on my past update. Thank you for all of your kind words. I love you all too. By the way, way to go trying to tell me my opinion is wrong, can we say "dictatorship"? Moving along, on with my stories. I have many things to tell in this update, three days go a long way. Here it is, all for you.

Day two of the bananas. Another interesting story. No I am not obsessed with them, I'm obsessed with bashing these people. Again I brought out my table that I could work off of and put that to the right side of the Bananas. I also have a U-Frame I was working off of full of banana boxes. I also brought out the cart that I could fill with easily-accessible bananas. Now there is a complete border around the bananas. The ones I am working on are only accessible by reaching over the corners. While I am working on the bananas I watch as the people try and figure out how to get by. Why do they need to? I set up bananas for them in the cart. Eventually people figure out if they reached far over the corners they could grab some of the bananas I was putting on the shelf. Seeing this I cover the corners with boxes, now it would take someone with an 8 foot reach to get them. I caused much confision. I think some people started to catch on and just took them from the cart. Some people stood there, I believe they were waiting for me to let them in. No one is getting in... no one! As I turn my back some lady actually moves the cart i am working off of, gets in my way and proceeds to pick through the bananas I had just set up and now a line is forming where she moved my cart and now i have to wait for all these ignorant people to get the bananas from the shelf as opposed to the same exact bananas I put in the easily-accessible cart that I had laid out just for them. Now I am getting quite frusterated with people and I begin to give very firty looks to everyone. Eventually the line dies down for a second and I move the table back and put many boxes on it to make it very heavy. Now people are flustered. I can tell the people are very angered that I am trying to do my job. I hate the fact that they are mad that they can't have "those" bananas. Stupid pathetic morons. The bananas that are easy to get CAME OFF THE SAME FUCKING LOAD. As I tell them this fact they still insist on trying to get by. Eventually this lady comes up and stairs at me for a minute or two. As I make eye contact with her she begins to talk and says "Umm excuse me, I can't seem to get by". In my mind I think to myself "No shit, does it look like I accidentally blocked it all off? There is a reason you can't get through, why do you need to egt through?" After I think this to myself for a brief second I assure her the ones that are easy to get are the same. After that she respond to me in a rude tone "I wan't THOSE ones". That was the worst thing she could have said to me. That was one of the most ignorant things anyone has ever said to me on the job. Why does she want THOSE ones? She can take them from the boxes I am working off of if she needs the same thing but NO. She has to have them from the shelf... because somehow the trip from the box to the shelf alters them in saome way... I don't know. What is the mentailty begind that? People are morons. Don't shop at Redner's anymore. Stay away from the store. I hope they go out of business and I lose my job. Just stay away. I took a mental picute of that ladies face, If I ever see her... I am going to do something. Like if I see her in a parking lot walking away from her car... Then she going to find many suprises waiting for her when she comes back to it. I caution everyone, be careful of who you piss off. Some people will actually go to sick lengths to teach you a lesson or to get revenge... or both. Have a nice day =) .

While I was on break the other day I wrote a few notes to myself on a peice of paper that I had in my pocket. This is what I wrote on that day:

Why is it so awkward in a breakroom? Sitting here with two other people in complete silence is odd. It's very hard for me to sit here in complete silence. It's not as hard as usual at he moment because i am writing on this peice of paper. The middle aged woman who works at customer service is sitting at the table with her head down, I guess it is an attempt to make the situation a bit less awkward. The asian woman who is sitting to the right of me on the opposite side of the table is drinking coffe and eating donuts. She seems to be stairing out into space as she eats and drinks. Watching her she just observed her donut closesly before she put it into ther mouth. They have Hanson playing over the speakers as all of this is happeneing. Strange situation. I still have about 20 minutes left on my break. Mike who I work with in produce sliced most of the end of his thumb off today with his box blade. When he did this (In the middle of doinh the poptatoes which I ended up finishing) he immidiately ran to the sink. Bill (The produce manager) sent him to the hospital. Mike's day is shot.I'm about to go to the other breakroom. Not one of us spoke a word to the other in the breakroom I just left. I was there for 15 minutes and the entire time it was silence other than Hanson playing in the background. It's odd how somehting like that can happen. Speech anxiety isn't good, I'm glad I got over that problem.

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Saturday, October 25th, 2003
9:26 pm - Incredible Hate Anthem of a Psychotic
Today is saturday. In my childhood I loved saturday. This saturday reminded me of the old days. I didn't really go out. I had pizza for dinner. I played games and attempted to study. Jim lives at my house at the moment so I was hanging with him for a little. I have had much time to think and I have noticed I am always picking people apart and I love it. I love to bash people in my own mental silence. In this journal I feel I am going to let my thoughts out for a period of time to see what reacion that comes from it.

Working at Redner's again I have noticed a few things. (I need to begin writing these things down as they happen because my initial thoughts on a incident are much better than my afterthoughts when I have calmed my mind down) Anyway on with the show. I was doing bananas the other day and I had a pallet full of bananas I was forced to put out. I got a waste high table that I could put the boxes on so I didn't have to bend all which way. I got a cart and filled it with the bananas that were already on the shelf so that people could have access to them as I was filling the shelf. (I have to do it a certain way so that it looks nice and fits more) I pourposely block the shelf off with the pallet and my table and the cart. Now the cart is very easy to get to and the bananas are the same. As I am putting the bananas out people would actually walk by the cart, move the table i was working off of and take bananas from the unfinished shelf. How rude. I was about to slap all the people who would actually move my things as I was working off them just to get the "new" bananas. They were all the same. Infact the ones in the cart (In my opinion) looked better anyway. I feel I know produce better than the average person. (Being in produce for about 2 years all together) Now it is my beliefe that these people see me as an unimportant blue collar worker. Technically I guess I am; However, when I hit them with my car as they are walking through the parking lot and I get out and skull fuck their almost lifeless body I will be pretty important in their lives. You really need to be aware of the people you anger. Some people have no reason to live and could just snap at any moment in time.

I really like this writing stuff. I feel I am going to do it much more often.

Here is a prime example of why I believe women are the root of all evil and why I am better than most females and males (Mostly saying I am better than girls). (Go ahead argue, you just prove my theory) Girls always try to play with guys. They promise things and say things that they don't really mean. I haven't met a truly honest girl in my entire life. This is partially why i am single and have been single for a good amount of time. I suppose I could have a girl semi easily. I choose not to have a girl. I am being incredibly picky. I am not going to work my ass off for a girl. I am not going to stoop to lower levels than usualy to get a girl. I am not going to call a girl every night. I am not going to give my full attention to a girl every day. I am not going to spend my money on a girl. I am not going to lower my standards. I am not going to do anything out of the ordinary for a girl simply because I am yet to find a girl who is worth it. I occasionally find girls who interest me but that fades very quickly when they expect me to kiss their ass. How about this, you kiss mine. I'm better than you because I don't lie. I also have this thing called a conscience. It's a rarety that I meet a girl with a good conscience. Girls WILL throw you away and feel relatively nothing for it because in their minds most of them think they are special in some way. News flash, you're not fucking special. I will not bend over backwards for you. If you think I will go ahead try me. You can be the most beautiful girl in the world, if I don't like your personailty I will tell you to do the world a favore and kill youself because you're a waste of human life and not worth my time or anyone elses at that.

From now on I am going to try to update this about every other day. I will write down the things I see that bother myself and I will let you all know. If you have any comments please feel free to post them so I can bash you as well.

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